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Seafood Instructions: How to Peel Shrimp, Prepare Lobster and Shuck Oysters

It is my understanding that billions of people who reside on the earth are attached to the idea of eating seafood. Frankly, I’m skeptical. Can there really be that many people who are willing to eat food that lives its entire life inside its own toilet?


It must be true because there are certainly a lot of seafood restaurants around. I don’t partake of the food from the sea much myself, but having lived in a beach town most of my life, I have come to learn how to deal with certain elements involved in eating seafood. Here are some tips for handling seafood if you are one of those who enjoy eating it, but maybe have some trouble dealing with it.

Peeling and Deveining Shrimp

I have recently learned of the pleasures of eating shrimp. But I only eat it fried after being marinated in Tabasco sauce. The delicate art of peeling and taking out the veins of shrimp is not one I have to deal with, but you may. Begin by pulling the shell of the shrimp loose.

Then take a small paring knife and cut along the vein. Pull the intestine free of the shrimp’s body and then feast to your heart’s content.

Preparing a Lobster

I have tried lobster and goodness knows it is one of the most appealing-looking foods to come from the sea, but I just haven’t yet discovered its gastronomical pleasures. Tastes like chicken. To clean a lobster in preparation for feasting, begin by taking hold of the tail in one hand and the body in another and give the tail a firm twist.

Next, cut away the cartilage and remove all that expensive meat. Locate the intestinal vein and do away with it. Grab hold of the lobster’s body and pull it away from chest shell. Cut the chest shell in half and remove the meat inside.

Get yourself a lobster cracker and crack open the claws. Remove the meat. An aside: did you know that a lobster is actually just a big bug? It’s true.

Shucking an Oyster

Back in the days before the world beat me down and whitey took away my naïve innocence, I used to tell people I was an oyster shucker when they asked what I do.

The truth is that I have never shucked on oyster and certainly have never eaten one and I suspect this statement will remain true until the mortal coil is whipped away from my being. Shucking an oyster is not that difficult to learn.

You can probably master the art of oyster shucking after just a dozen or so attempts. Begin shucking the oyster by breaking open the hinge of the oyster shell. Detach the muscle from the top shell and then discard that shell.

Loosen up the oyster with your knife and pull it free. Then, if you must, swallow it raw. Just don’t expect me to join you. – here you can also find devices for health to make your kitchen life easier.